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Smokers know one great secret about their hobby that is rarely mentioned in polite society – it might be bad for you, but it’s fun too! Smoking a cigarette isn’t just about that addictive nicotine hit, it’s a tactile, sensual experience, bound up with your emotions and surroundings, as well, of course, as the time of day.

If you’re worried about your health, but you’re not quite ready to quit, then electronic cigarettes are the perfect solution. Continue to enjoy the sensations and rituals of smoking while avoiding the cancer-causing chemicals found in conventional tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are the perfect aid to help you stop smoking.



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What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

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So just what are electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs? Perhaps you’ve seen your friends enjoying them and want to know more. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative smoking product, designed to simulate the sensations of smoking for people worried about their health and the costs of smoking tobacco products. E-cigs are ultimately smokeless cigarettes with no tar, or carcinogens.

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking will know that it is the nicotine in tobacco which makes cigarettes and cigars addictive. Nicotine is a naturally occurring alkaloid chemical which is created by certain plants to ward off insects and other pests.

When consumed by humans, nicotine is a stimulant – just like caffeine, another addictive, naturally occurring alkaloid pesticide which stimulates the human nervous system. Electronic cigarettes give your body the nicotine, without the tar that comes from tobacco.

Help Stop Smoking with the Smoking Alternative

Electronic cigarettes work by heating a refillable cartridge (or ‘e-tip’) filled with liquid nicotine and available in different strengths. The heated cartridge emits a vapour similar in taste, appearance and smell to conventional cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarette users inhale this vapour, enjoying both the sensation of smoking and the effects of nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes are usually supplied with a selection of cartridges in the users’ preferred strength, as well as a portable charger to ensure they are always ready for use.

Electronic cigarette manufacturers understand the habits and rituals that surround smoking and so most brands of electronic cigarettes are designed to resemble conventional cigarettes as closely as possible. The same goes for the boxes, which are often made to look exactly like cigarette packs.

Of course electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco, so they are exempt from smoking legislation and can, at least in theory, be enjoyed anywhere, even in places where conventional smoking is prohibited. But this is one area where you don’t want electronic cigarettes to resemble the real thing too closely! In a dark bar or club it would be all to easy for an impatient waiter or proprietor to throw you out without checking to see whether that is s really a cigarette you’re smoking!

For this reason many brands are available with green and blue LED’s rather than red LED charge lights so people will not confuse the glow with the burning end of conventional cigarettes. So you can enjoy electronic cigarettes virtually anywhere.

Electronic Cigarettes on TV

As the trend for electronic cigarettes and e-cigs continues to grow, several of the large e-cigarette brands are gaining exposure on television shows across the globe.

One notable performance was on the Alan Titchmarsh show.

Electronic Cigarette