NHS launch quit smoking campaign and Quit Kits for New Year

Published: Monday, 30th January 2012

The Department of Health have launched a new drive to encourage people to stop smoking in the New Year. The campaign is supported by a series of National television and radio advertisements. As part of the campaign, smokers wanting to quit will be able to pick up an NHS ‘Quit Kit’ from their pharmacy free of charge. Over 7000 pharmacies are distributing the Quit Kits as part of the campaign – double the number that participated last year.

Developed by experts and ex-smokers, the Quit Kits contain a number of helpful tools to assist smokers with their quit attempt. They include booklets with helpful tips and suggestions, a wall chart to track progress, a series of MP3 downloads that have been proven to help smokers succeed, and a distraction toy to keep the hands and mind busy when the cravings kick in.

Researchers have proven that smokers are much more likely to succeed in their attempt to quit smoking with intervention in the form of medication, such as nicotine replacements, and help and support from stop-smoking experts.

The NHS Smoke Free website also has a link to download a ‘Quit App’ – allowing people trying to quit smoking access to tips, help and advice directly from their smart phone. The quit app also includes a calculator that allows you to calculate the savings accumulated with every week off the cigarettes.

The ‘Quit Kits’ will be available in pharmacies throughout the UK until 31st March 2012.

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